Safety Assessment Vehicle 
Firefighting, is arguably one of the most dangerous and heroic jobs out there, with tens of thousands of individuals injured each year; hundreds fatally. Sav - safety assessment vehicle - is a remote controlled aeronautic unit that aims to significantly reduce the number of fire, chemical, toxin, and structure related injuries and fatalities to zero. By using advancednext-gen technology, sav has the ability to navigate through burning buildings informing the fire team through Nightvision and Thermal camera feeds, GPS markers, and Air Quality sensory technology. As much of the knowledge about a fire is based on limited testing around the grounds, and hearsay about thestructure itself, sav’s primary purpose is to infiltratehigh-rise buildings, large industrial plants and factories, and other potenially high-riskstructures ahead of the fire team so as to give factual and supporting evidence to the team, as well as telling the fire team what to expect, and where/when to expect it.
The product itself would be made of Titanium and Carbon Fibre, respectively, however the model was fashioned entirely from Polyurethane Foam and MDF.
These are the final CAD workings of the final design.
Studio Photos