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    To bring to you a sense of pareidolia and fantasy.
Botanical Bone
short series
Acrylic 12"x9"

This series consists of flower/plant creatures that have skeletal features.
First up is an Arctic Cotton Flower blowing in the wind.
Acrylic 9"x12"
Next in the series of a Cotton Boll skeletal creature.
Acrylic 12"x9"
Next in the series, I didn't reference a flower on this one but for the skeleton I based it off of a bear's skull.

Also, I happened across an image of flowers in water so I incorporated the reflection of the creature in the dirty water it is sitting in.
Last in the mini series, for now. Acrylic 18"x12"

This time I really wanted to push more tiny detail so the flower creature is swarmed with ladybugs.
Painting the Roses Red

oil painting 15.5"x19"