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    A dark publication created to envisage the day that troubled fanatic Mark David Chapman shot music legend John Lennon.
It Happened On This Day
Awarded a Pass in ISTD 2012.


Choose a day in history which which has had an impact and create an emotion provoking publication to represent it. However fascinating the topic and the information that you select, your challenge is to create a delivery platform that demands the reader’s attention. It needs to address the norms of information architecture while actively working to evoke an emotional response from the reader or viewer.

I chose to envisage 8 December 1980, the day Beatles legend John Lennon was assassinated by crazed fanatic Mark David Chapman.
The format of the typographic exploration in terms of both colour, font and shape is reflective of the old Parlophone vinyl records which remain a prominent visual association with The Beatles. The spreads are contained within the 'sleeves' of the vinyl’s, which allows them to be pulled out and opened up to reveal their full format. This element of reveal conveys the sense of the intricate evil thoughts hidden away in Chapman's mind.