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    Illustration for Strange Trees book
Illustration for a double page spread in the 'Club Brenda - Strange Trees' book.
This is the text that I had to work with...
Who’s the one who needs to eat?
Who’s eaten?

Now she knows the wolf, and he knows her,
it seems that both are off the menu.

With a red kiss on his forehead,
Miss Red leaves the wolf. Friends, of course.
Not what we expected.

And the wood fella we mentioned?
He’s made them both a sort of wooden umbrella.
A place they can shelter.
Share colour together.

Club Brenda - STRANGE TREESHaving first begun in 1999 as an ‘avant-garde’ performance night atManchester’s Star and Garter, Club Brenda is fast approaching a decadeof subversive art thrills. Presenting the city with diverse performanceand music, the innovative club night remains loyally attuned to thesounds of the Manchester DIY underground, from emerging bands andmusicians, to a network of artists, photographers, film-makers,designers and poets.
‘Imagine what a club would be like if it combined bands, performanceart and a deliberately eclectic music policy…if it reached out toeveryone: gay, straight, black, blue; but in particular, welcomedlife’s uglier ducklings - the outsiders, the strange ones…’

The book is limited to just 300 copies and is available from...