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    Mobile application.
It was big challenge, i never thaught i can joign this amazing world, me in mobile, yeah it was my first application, i started working in mobile field sience 2007 but i was doing just a MMS, the trasmiting between the MMS or VAS (value added services) is huge, but hamdullelah, it happened.

this is my first idea in mobile application, it was simple and simply deffrent of the other compittors.

here you will find the design process. 

the IDEA
 i was in the Masjed, after we are done from the Salah, i asked my self why there is no sebha on the mobile, it could be easy to make, and simply every one will use it.

i suggested the idea on the management, and it get approved because it wont take time in processing.

the application were all done within 4 days.

and here is the links for the application on android .

Special Thanks for the team of Ertiqa.