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    A behind-the-scenes look at how I created my April 2012 wallpaper.
Case Study: April 2012 Wallpaper
I've decided to do a second case study, this time for my April 2012 Wallpaper. Just a quick look at how it all came together. If you like this, check out my December 2011 Wallpaper case study
01. Started with finding some stock photos that I wanted to use and brought them onto a blank canvas. 
02. Added some light texture to the background and cut out the mountain from the stock photo then duplicated and adjusted to extend it to the right. 
03. Extracted the statue figure and made a few color adjustments to it. Also added a slight drop shadow to the mountains for more depth. 
04. Image wide color adjustments and overlays added. 
05. Added more texture elements to the image (in the background, around the statue and mountains)
06. Added more texture and watercolor elements around the statue figure. 
07. Finished off the image by adding in the calendar/date element. I decided to use the font "Rougfhouse" from House Industries to give it an ink'd look and feel.