This project started out with a few rough sketches using my Pilot Parallel Pens, and once I had a more than rough concept, I took the idea into Adobe Illustrator and refined it there.
After the few iterations above, I finalized the logo.  I wanted to incorporate more into the concept, but for simplicity's sake, I left this as is.  I've always been partial to achromatic work, so I fed into my need to make everything black and white.
I did, however, add a bit more to the logo to be used for certain purposes, in order to better catch the eye.  This version is currently being used on business cards, but will be applied to other projects as I see fit.  Instead of using an actual 3D effect, I used a drop shadow to give it depth and create a bit of visual tension, causing you to look closer to actually notice that the image is not 3D.
And that is it, a fun, simplistic project I made as part of the business I'm creating to promote and offer my services as an established design studio.