In this personal project, I combine two of my greatest passions: Oil paintings and Films. So in a particular way, this project is about interpreting famous paintings but featuring characters and film actors. 
"The Death of Jack"
Film: "Titanic" by James Cameron, 1997 
Inspiring Painting: "The Death of Marat" by Jacques-Louis David,1793
"La Chiquita Guerrera"
Film: "Star Wars" saga, by George Lucas, 1977-1983 
Inspiring Painting: "La Chiquita Piconera" by Julio Romero de Torres,1930
"Frodo with the head of Sauron"
Film: "Lord of the Rings" saga, by Peter Jackson, 2001-2003 
Inspiring Painting: "David with the head of Goliat" by Caravaggio,1610