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Unique and Meaningful Logo Design 2015-2016

Logo that is lost somewhere between the art of hip hop and professional image of a choreographer who teaches real superstars. The logo illustrates a hip hop dancer on the stage with disco lights with the overall shape forming the letter "M" from Matt, his name.
Abstract live oak tree, the image of the beautiful city of Savannah.
Modern flat design depicting a super nova. The company name "Nova" with the "horizons" tag can suggest a new beginning is paired now with the symbol of a supernova which suggest the end of the "old".
The company is based on the concept of "miracle". With its help a client would launch his business and rise towards miraculous highs.
Elegant, simple, feminine script based logo for a missionary. 
The life of a missionary is not easy, but through God everything can be achieved. 
The letter M symbolize the way of the cross, they way of a christian where obstacles or mountains come, but with the flag of Christ risen any obstacle can be passed.
Jemurai is a security consultancy specializing in application security. 
Jemurai is coming from Jedi and Samurai. 
The symbol is a shield within the head of a samurai and two Jedi light sabers, one for "offensive" defense and one for actual defense.
This is a very abstract surreal logo for a company that has little to do with it's own name. It's a small village for outdoor activities (ski, winter sports etc). Client want to advertise the main street of the village ( the shopping part of the village). The name of the street is steamboat springs which came from a little spring (little river) which looked like a steamboat when it was functional, now it's just a pile of mud. The logo illustrates a real steamboat flowing in the main street. The boat has street lamps instead of steam horns. It is definitely an eye capturing logo and the guests will want to know what is that street about.
Simple and modern EJ logo. Event Junkie is a developer of apps based on the movies, concerts, and sporting events.
Very simple classic badge logo for a bakery. Just essential information in the logo. Vintage style for historical past of the company. Ears of wheat to underline the bakery and stars for quality.
Lawn Angel. Luxurious lawn care. Abstract representation of an angel with grass like wings.
Unique, minimalist stylish logo for a non conventional fitness company.
A vintage logo brought in the modern age. While tile installing is an old profession it got modernized over the decades with the use of natural stones. Mosaic style got trough the years and can be used as modern element this days as well.
Modern, minimalist logo. The letters A and L are transformed into a simple symbol. Typo made with lower case to make it harder to decipher. Modern, high class fitness.
Christ our Redeemer Exercising. 
The dove, symbol of the Holy Spirit. The body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. 
This concept is based on these ideas. The company is selling athletic apparel dedicated to Christians.
Simple and modern plumbing and hvac logo. Cold and hot water drops flowing near the S shaped pipe. Simple and compact.
Modern and minimalist design of a "citadel" with a cross on it which suggest what kind of citadel is this.
Client wanted a simple logo using only the "RFW" letters. Made a little tweak with the letters to incorporate the company's essence as well. Simple and elegant logo on an elegant outfit. Adds bit more class to the outfit than a simply dry three letter logo.
The symbol of female turned upside down to illustrate the these girls are "of faith". They work and live a life of prosperity and balance.
Quad + addiction. 
Very modern and abstract representation of drone races. Elegant and classy masculine touch.
Complex but clean badge style logo for a fitness company. 
Minimalist, simple and clean logo for a design company. The concept of the symbol is: C and D and Plus in negative space.
Symbolic logo for a lab that grows stem cells for potential clinical application.
Client provide breakthrough level innovation to via our consultancy and technology services.
The symbol is an abstract illustration of "HP", innovative, futuristic, sharp, cool, clean yet holds a great story.
Clean, modern and high tech logo for a cutting edge healthcare IT service firm. The symbol is based on the letter "i" and wire termination on electronic circuits. The inner aqua circle represents innovation and technology suggesting that Interoptex is the solution to the problem.
Meaningful and clean logo for a residential construction company. The logo includes the horizon, a small house as a starting point, in the shape of an arrow from which we aim higher and a bright star which symbolises a better future.
A mysterious and abstract symbol for a science fiction magazine. This symbol incorporates many things: spaceships, UFOs, air crafts, galaxies, planets or floating building complexum.
Clean and modern logo for a metal work business representing high quality crafting.
Stylish design for a new class of premium cantaloupe melon seeds. The logo features two oranges to highlight the flavor and I more slices to make more appealing, ready to eat. 
Simple but elegant Greek acanthus logo for a 5-star luxury hotel, Relais & Chateaux, on the island of Mykonos, Greece.
Logo of a dog bringing a diploma for a pet dog obedience training business.
Abstract and professional logo for a modern urban apartment community with a clean luxurious approach.
Bold, bright, colourful, sleek and complex logo for the Town of Witless Bay, a municipality in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada) and the home of the North Atlantic Puffin. The client wanted to highlight Witless Bay as a friendly, colourful town, beautiful and rich in natural assets, offering year-round activities, the logo featuring primarily the puffin.
Unconventional and dynamic logo for a general construction and real estate company that symbolises professionalism and innovation.
Unique and Meaningful Logo Design 2015-2016

Unique and Meaningful Logo Design 2015-2016

Unique and meaningful logos based on the customers personal stories, personality, feelings and requests.


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