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Passion of Christ
ll old ritual of the procession "White" and "Black" (from the color of the caps worn by the participants), the traditional Good Friday procession at Sorrento.
From dusk the night of Thursday to Friday in the streets of the towns of the Amalfi coast is a succession of fifteen marches to commemorate the mystery of the passionand death of Christ.
Born in the sixteenth century or perhaps earlier, as rites of penance and expiation that came to go up to the corporal mortification of participants with self-flagellation, these processions can be considered real stories, even "metanarratives" through the Holy Representation the Passion of Christ is manifest religious feelings intimately and equally as human suffering and purification. Here is a brief description of the twoprocessions in Sorrento.
The procession, known as "White", organized by the Venerable Confraternity of St.Monica based in the Temple of the SS. Annunziata, runs through the downtown streetsat night, between 3 and 6, returning at dawn on Friday and is in the folk tradition, the Virgin ii wandering in search of the Son, betrayed, arrested and sentenced to death on the cross.
In the late evening the same day the procession "Black", by the Arch Agony and of Death, based in the Church of the Servants of Mary, so is the transport of the Dead Christ, a beautiful wooden sculpture of an unknown, probably from the eighteenth century, followed by Madonna Addolorata.Un rite particularly striking is what is celebrated far from noise and prying eyes of the people.