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    Concept for Leicester City Football Rebranding
I've always loved football. Since i was just a little boy my father dressed me with my team's jersey. Recently one team reminded me why i like these sport so much: Leicester, aka "the foxes", came from a nearly relegation to an amazing 2015-2016 season in the premier league.
Leicester work as a team. A team. Everybody playing together for the same objetive. And they're winning the most dificult league in the world. Winning giants like Manchester, Liverpool, Arsenal, among others... They're showing to the world the triumph of the will.
I can't play like a pro. So there's very little i can do to help them accomplish this hard task. Well, i'm a designer. I make brands. Maybe i can help Leicester emproove they badge. I know its a long shot... this maybe never get to the team. But i made my part. I've putted my heart on it. Just a man from southern Brazil crazy in love for Leicester's football trying, somehow, to make something do keep the good old football better.