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A series of 35mm film images capturing found typography and signage in Oklahoma and Kansas during summer 2011.
Typography & Signage (Documented with 35mm Film)

Almost all of what I do on a day-to-day basis as a freelance graphic designer is seeped in digital technology. This summer, I set out to break the chain that ties me to my MacBook Pro and do something analog. Photography has always been a hobby that I enjoy in some capacity, but this summer it became my obsession. I loved the limitations that film brought along with it. I now only had 24 frames to work with, I had to manually set aperture and shutter speeds, use manual or scale focusing, and I loved the slowed down methodical process I was now working in. Typography and signage have always been an interest of mine, so it was an easy decision to document the more interesting ones I saw on film. The following images were captured over this summer in Oklahoma and Kansas.

The cameras and lenses used in this series are:
Leica Mini II / Elmar 35mm/f3.5, Ricoh CR-5 / Sears 28mm/f2.8Wide Angle, Olympus 35 EC / Zuiko 42mm/f2.8, Pentax ME-Super / Asahi SMCPENTAX-M 50mm 50mm/f2, Yashica Electro35 GSN / YASHINON 45mm f/1.7, and Rollei 35 S / Rollei HFT Sonnar40mm/f2.8 Films were mostly Fuji and Kodak (ASA 400 and 200).