Adaptation from Invisible Woman
An assignment in a Spring 2012 Graphic Design class gave students the task of creating a new, modern identity for a superhero of their choice. I chose Invisible Woman, most recently made famous by Jessica Alba in the Fantastic Four series. I altered one of her nicknames "Mistress of Hate" to embody the persona of a Swedish Haute Couture designer "Mistress of Haute." I abstracted the form of an invisible force field by creating a recurring pattern of fractal shapes and contrasting icy blue fractals with more "invisible" webbed/stroked fields of the same patterns. For the logo, I hand drew "Mistress" in Illustrator and used Euroference for the other text.
Die-cut Business Card
Letterhead - the back has a full fractal pattern
Envelope - the inside is the same fractal pattern, and buttons are sewn to the back so that the closure is thread wrapped in a figure eight.