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    Meaghan Nolan's resume for 2012 is a timeline-inspired data visualization.
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The portfolio of Meaghan Nolan
I love all things data. I have a solid research background, and am interested in telling stories with data, using visually compelling design and captivating interactivity.

In my MSc. research and current position as an Interactive Technology Developer at the University of Calgary, I have developed an iPhone app that allows researchers to collect physical activity data, and have modelled those data to predict activity type, speed, and energy expenditure. I have experience programming in Objective-C (Xcode), Matlab, Processing, STATA, and SPSS.

As a research assistant, I manage several educational research projects, which means I collect, organize, analyze and interpret lots of data! I am also completing a certificate in Web Graphics at the University of Calgary. The work I have chosen to include in this portfolio touches on each of these aspects of statistical, programming, and graphic design-related skills.

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My resume features my skills and experiences laid out along a timeline and colour-coded according to category. Saturated colour indicates when I gained a given skill or experience, and transparency represents the idea that we carry these things forward with us through time.
 Complete Curriculum Vitae

You can email me for a copy of my complete my curriculum vitae here.