University of Michigan School of Art & Design's Undergraduate viewbook. The defining characteristic of the BFA program at the School of Art & Design is that it does not emphasize the usual disciplinary distinctions (painting, printmaking, graphic design, industrial design, animation, illustration) but focuses on the creative skills that are common to all of these practices. Creative process, critical thinking, project development, community engagement and collaboration are at least as important as learning mastery of technique and craftsmanship. 
Photos I snapped while it was on press. 
Interested in both visual arts and theater?  This brochure offeres a solution. It was designed
for a new degree jointly offered by the School of Art & Design and the School of Music, Theatre & Dance at the University of Michigan. 
Interarts Performance introduces students to a range of art forms and creative practices, from animation to traditional acting skills, with the aim of generating work that blurs boundaries between the visual arts and performance.