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    Description Client: SonoSite Completed: 2011 Design Team: Scott Wilson, Steve Christopher
SonoSite EDGE
SonoSite, a world leading specialist in point-of-care ultrasound systems partnered with MINIMAL on our latest product, EDGE Ultrasound System. The collaboration included refreshing Sonosite’s existing design language and introducing new materials into the design and construction, including a solid aluminum frame exterior and a single-piece, sealed, silicon keyboard. MINIMAL transformed EDGE into an iconic form, both easily transportable and highly effective in delivering diagnostic imaging at the point of care.
Continuing its mission for bringing high quality ultrasound care to patients unable to access this technology due to social conditions, remote location or poverty, SonoSite recently renewed its commitment to design.
Designed to reflect SonoSite’s Performance and Durability Standards, MINIMAL conducted intensive research within the medical field, collaborating with clinicians and clinical assistants to identify the challenges of the original design. MINIMAL was then able to trace the industry’s concerns to the core manufacturing and design of the product and begin strategizing improvements.
The rehabbed design centered on a single machined piece of aluminum, which created a frame to house the mechanical portions of the device and allowed for the introduction of modern elements. Building off the aluminum core, MINIMAL contrasted the core material with black ABS and coated magnesium. These materials were then sculpted, contouring the surfaces of all the major touch points in order to slim the overall visual height of the product. The softened edges offered a less intimidating aesthetic and encouraged use.
Interior changes included a singled, sealed, silicon keypad. By streamlining the keypad into a single entity, MINIMAL improved the ease in which EDGE may be disinfected, maximizing both time and efficiency. Continuing the theme of contrasting elements, white graphics were backlit on the black silicon keypad; these variations ensured user visibility even in dim and poorly lit settings.
Once the overall design was cemented, MINIMAL began to tackle the challenge of recreating a solid stand head that these models would “live in” when used in hospital and physician offices. By referencing SonoSite’s original stand head, which utilized aspects of traditional laptop release mechanisms, the stand was built to meet industry drop requirements and to be quickly detachable. The overall design echoed the iconic profile of the EDGE laptop through subtle characteristics of color and material, thus keeping the device as the center of attention.
As a result of the Sonosite/MINIMAL collaboration, EDGE is a leading non-invasive diagnostic tool for clinical assessment and procedural guidance. Compact, lightweight and more affordable than its competitors, EDGE is a portable device providing premium imagery at the point of care.