'Awakenings' Linoleum Print
Series of Linoleum Prints on paper
The first in a series of linoleum prints. Each print is hand drawn, hand carved and hand pulled on 100% cotton paper. Every individual print has a life of its own and is numbered and signed in a limited edition of 100 copies.
About the process
Having worked as a graphic designer for many years it was impossible to avoid the aesthetic similarities to technology. The potential of technology is endless. It has an unparalleled artificial perfection which the human hand, however steady, cannot reach. At the same time the human hand exceeds technology with it’s instability, giving an emotional depth which no line pulled by a computer can reach. My linoprints are a testament to that. The instability of perfection.  Having studied fashion I have always been fascinated by the two dimensional form of fabric and it’s ability to transform into a three dimensional object. Adding the human form to create motion. In my work I hope to encapsulate that movement. Inside each geometric shape is motion and within motion there is always emotion. 
Name of Piece
Numbered edition: /100 
Size: 30 x 40 cm (11.8" x 15. 7" inches)
Paper: 100% cotton paper
Ink: Eco-friendly water-based printmaking ink 
Print available at www.elenisakelaris.com
'Awakenings' Linoleum Print