Redesign of a webpage.
School Project - Designing Webpages.
One of our many projects for school was to create a redesign of an existing webpage.My choice was to make a redesign of a local store in my town in Kerkrade. 
The reason for me to choose this website was not because the design was horrible at all.
It's because I personally find the design not matching the actual store in style, attitude and identity.
The store's main selling point is not about selling modern video games, it is about selling classic and vintage media and other products.
Reselling used video games is just a side they do.
If you get the chance to walk by Kerkrade and take a look at the store itself,
you will notice that it's not a modern store.
The store is all about classic and vintage, it is a piece of history by itself where each item displayed has it's own story.
My aim of this project was to try and portray the actual store in his own style by giving it a look and feel of being 'classic' and 'vintage'.