COP 25th Global Climate Change Conference
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    *Please note: Personal project. This project has no affiliation with COP's brand. Global Climate Change is not a new topic. Our governments have… Read More
    *Please note: Personal project. This project has no affiliation with COP's brand. Global Climate Change is not a new topic. Our governments have plans to resolve it for years, but they did not have many actions. Most of people gradually lost their interest on this topic. As designers, we have the ability and responsibility to arouse people’s interest again. I hope this project can inspire other designers.“Design can save the world! ”. The United Nations Climate Change Conferences are yearly conferences, with more than 23 Conferences were held by 23 countries. Its aim is to serve as the formal meeting of the United Nations Climate Change Conferences Parties to assess progress in dealing with climate change. But when I reviewed these years’ branding design of the conference, those designs are too common. Hence, I decided to rebrand the conference’s identity design. The objective of this project is to create an attractive branding that can reflect the connection between the different weather and the global climate change. The first step is to build the identity’s visual system. The visual system is made by 25 dots which relates to the 25th COP Conference. My aim is to create a smart system that can be applied on different medias. I abstracted the media’s characteristics and fitted them to the system. From printings to screens, each individual design can reflect the media’s character. In order to create a scalable and flexible identity, I explored composition on the weather icons. All the icons are developed in the system. The identity communicate the conference’s goals and the concept of weathers mix. Since the weather conditions are never independent. In addition, different weather conditions are mutual conversion among each other. Through designing a simple visual system, I can make these icons reasonably showed at the same time. The main logo is composed by the four basic elements of nature. They are air, water, earth, and fire. Except for the square made by 25 dots, the four elements are the foundation for the system. All the weather icons are developed from the four basic elements. In the process, I also developed a typeface family that can be combined accurately with the whole visual system. For secondary logo, I chose Futura Medium. The new identity design is more friendly and interesting for young generations. It is good for the conference’s promotion and influence . A right design strategy can help the conference attract more followers. Design can save the world! Thank you for watching! 全球氣候變暖並不是一個全新的話題。在多年的宣傳中民眾已經漸漸地失去了興趣。作為設計師,我們有義務重新喚醒民眾對於這一話題的興趣。聯合國氣候大會已經成功舉辦了23屆。但是這些年的會議形象設計太過普通和官方。因此我決定自己創作一個全新的,吸引人的大會形象。目的在於吸引更多的年輕人族群,讓更多的人去保護地球母親。整個視覺系統建立在25個圓點,其意義對應第25屆的大會。這套視覺系統的主要元素是由水、空氣、火、土地四項基礎的元素組成。通過設計系統的可變化性,讓整個設計可以延展到不同的媒介。不論是傳統的印刷媒介,還是多媒體的平臺,這套系統都可以很好的應用。與此同時,我也利用這套系統設計了一套字族。我相信通過每個人的努力,“設計可以拯救世界”。謝謝! Read Less
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Work published in: Gallery Magazine issue 34th
Awards: Semifinalists in the 2016 Adobe Design Achievement Awards