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    Works from my 2006 exhibition at St Pauls Gallery. Birmingham.
All works cannot be reproduced without my permission: © John Knight 2012.
Original press release: 'From 16th to 25th February 2006 St Pauls Gallery is to host UK artist John Knight's latest work entitled Détourné.

Knight's work ranges from the figurative to the abstract and enjoys qualities of spontaneity, colour and rhythm. Détourné features eighteen works from Birmingham, Tours and Paris in France and Melbourne. The Melbourne pictures record and intense journey along Flinders Street during 2004. Each one offers a distinct and unique sense of the place and the experience of the work. The works range from drawings to paintings and include etchings with the smallest work around A4 and the largest at B1.

Knight studied foundation with Michael Werner at Watford in 1981. Werner instilled a strong physical aspect to his drawing as well as linking art to ambient situations. John went on to study with telematics pioneer, Roy Ascott at Newport where he developed an attachment to printmaking. The strong mark-making and graphical element of his work continues and often looks very spontaneous.

However, this spontaneity is belied by the systematic development of the work. Knight's recent work has involved a lot of preparations and is quite structured. John Knight, explains, “I identify locations, sometimes using the situationists ideas of the derive: drifting through the city and coming across everyday but charged places. Sometimes the location has a specific meaning to me like I was there with someone. Otherwise the place suggests itself to me on my journey. The exact choice of places cannot be pre-planned they suggest themselves to me when I am there”.

“I use sketches to capture the place and produce working drawings from these with each one developing the picture. In a sense they are experiments and I never know what the final result will look like. I work on them until the picture starts to become complete which means it is no longer just about the place but works as a whole. When this point has been reached it is also the most direct depiction of the feeling I had in the place or the one I was trying to express, “adds Knight.'