Schlosshotel Kronberg Logotype
Problem: Scholosshotel Kronberg needed a new logotype for its 5-star castle hotel. Located in the spa town of Kronberg, the elegant resort wanted a logo created to be its visual signature, recognizable as a graphic representation of the company name. Being that it is one of the most impressive castles in all of Germany and just outside the bustling city of Frankfurt, Germany’s second largest metropolitan area, it needed a logo to capture its historic nature while relating to the urban area nearby.

Solution: Schlosshotel Kronberg is composed of a castle hotel, golf course, spa, and surrounding park with noble villas and summer residences dating to medieval times. To capture its dreamlike setting, a script font was chosen for the first part of the name. To balance the romantic and enchanting script, a sturdier, more traditional German font was used for the rest of the name. While the capital letter is still decorative, the weightier strokes of the letterforms counteract the thin strokes of the other font. The colors chosen are similar to the resort’s current color scheme. A light gold was used to represent the expensive cutlery, dinnerware, flatware, and décor. It alludes to the elegance of the castle and its medieval traditions. The red suggests its striking and majestic appearance. The goal of the logotype was to portray an ambience of a castle from Imperial times, creating a sense of living a fairy tale in the modern world.