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    A book redesign for the Origin of Species.
On the Origin of Species is such an influential book, and I felt it deserved a lavish treatment. Additionally, I felt it warranted a more brightly colored and contemporary feel compared to the many other versions of the book which approach it as the hefty topic it is, and give it a more stagnant, classical appearance. I split the book into three volumes for the sake of readability, with the contents of each book listed on the cover and the inner box of the set. 

The concept for the covers is a simple one, and it approaches three main habitats of land, water, and desert with corresponding colors and simple patterns for  each. The pattern evolves from a leaf motif into a diamond from book one to three, with the pattern referencing the landscape for the book it is on. 

With the interior typography I wanted to emphasize the the scientific nature of the work, while keeping it very contemporary and fresh. The internal grid is very structured, with subtle changes for different content.