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Collateral / Packaging / Misc
Collateral /Each year, Levi's teams up with Goodwill and asks people to donate their jeans to a good cause. I designed this campaign and used die-cut posters and post cards to communicate the "Give Jeans" call to action in a simple, clear and unexpected way. The campaign also featured die-cut donation bins in-store and dispatched t-shirt and boxer-clad street teams in major markets to spread the good word. Speaking of good word, the poster from this campaign was featured in the 2010 Print Magazine Regional Design Annual and was featured in Communicating Fashion Brands, a book being released in the fall of 2012.
Packaging /
I designed the tags for a pair of Levi's called IMPRINT that actually allow you to control the wearing process of your jeans using the temperature of your wash cycles. The idea being that you can truly personalize your jeans in a ridiculously short period of time. There is nothing more personal than your journal, so I used that as the concept behind the design.
Misc /
When we were asked to pitch an internal rebrand for Levi's, we knew we had to bring the big guns. So, I wrapped our presentation in custom-tailored leave behind books based on the design/production process of a pair of Levi's jeans. The books were constructed using muslin, red thread, graph paper and denim pockets embroidered with our logo to sit alongside the Levi's pocket on the front cover. Once they were all stitched up, I stuffed them full of creative, boxed 'em, cinched 'em closed with a belt and we won the business. This piece also happened to be included in the 2010 HOW International Design Awards, kind of weird for a pitch book.