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    The owner of Plum Dandy Frozen Yogurt was embarking on an adventure of opening a new restaurant concept. This restaurant is an upscale cookie sho… Read More
    The owner of Plum Dandy Frozen Yogurt was embarking on an adventure of opening a new restaurant concept. This restaurant is an upscale cookie shop which specializes in milk and cookies. Homemade cookie recipes that he made with his family were featured at the restaurant along with locally produced milk. The client was in need of an entire brand identity and solicited my services in order to create everything within this environment from the logo to all the graphics adorning the entire store. Looking for a strong mark, I always begin sketching after reviewing all of the client’s ideas and had come up with various options of how he may want to represent his establishment. One thing I had to keep in mind is that this was a sister store to his original store (Plum Dandy Frozen Yogurt), so I wanted to create something unique but still tie it into his other locations. I wanted to focus on the idea of his store’s location in historical Saratoga Springs, NY where there is a huge connection with the Victorian era. I wanted to go with a crest shape with graphics suggestive of cookies, without being too obvious, as the client really wanted to have a cookie symbol incorporated within the logo. Also, I wanted to highlight the importance of being a dandy, the stores namesake, and I chose the unique Penny Farthing - and antique bicycle, which high class gentlemen used to ride around on during the relevant period. Coming up with these unique sketches I was able to flush out many icons and unique borders that eventually made it into the final designs of the store. The client’s menus were a huge point in selling this restaurant’s primary concept. The idea was for customers to see the cookie pictures in order to inform their selection, and then choose a milk based beverage. Later on the menu designs were changed to update new cookies and milks as they were introduced. The primary design that I went for was photo based for the actual cookies, followed by custom graphics for each beverage, as showing the same milk icon or photo receptively did not make the design efficient. The client intended for the menus to be located prominently on the wall beside the register, near the entrance, so that customers could understand this new restaurant concept and order right when they came in through the door. I created the menu boards with this in mind, and the overall the designs were mounted on foam core by AJ Signs. Later on they were also developed into actual wall decals, the cookies in particular, as the client wanted to make sure that his customers could see the cookie pictures before ordering. All graphic decals were hand drawn and then digitized in Illustrator, where the majority of my work is created. I created a variety of different designs based on cookies, milk bottles, and icons symbolizing the the Victorian era-in particular relating to Dandies. Taking those ideas and researching into the era, I came up with ideas such as transportation, dress style, and what a Dandy would offer this shop, making it a modern day sophisticated sweet store. Certain wall graphics deserve specific mentioning, especially the photo wall. This was designed for customers who would visit the store and take fun pictures with friends and family to remember their special time they had there, as the client and I wanted to create a unique experience for our customers. Many people took plenty of pictures to post how much they loved the store and its cookies, which became a popular hotspot to be in Saratoga Springs, NY. When making the outdoor graphics, mostly for the windows, I wanted to reflect the interior design as advertisements when people walked passed the store. Primarily the wrap around in the windows was very important as the client and I decided to have an emphasis on particular words to engage customers to come in and take a look for themselves. The actual decals were printed and installed by AJ Signs. We got along great, as I brought my unique designs and measurements to AJ Signs and they perfectly handled it without any blemishes or bubbles that sometimes happen when installing. The surfaces first had to be measured out and then some test prints were made to make sure the lettering was big enough for all our customers to see. When it was installed, it really brought the whole store together, especially because storefront was primarily made up of windows, which also gave the store’s inside natural light throughout the day. Read Less