oneware: objects for one handed usage
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Awarded with 2016 James Dyson Award - National Winner 
Taiwan International Student Design Competition ( Product Design - Gold Award )
Amptuees, people born with one arm, patients suffering from stroke and temporary injuries often face difficulties when using with daily objects due to the limitations of one functioning hand. Kitchenware is one of the most common ranges of products that they faced challenges with due to the frequency of usage.
Design Approach:  How can we simplify household chores
to be more effortless for the physically challenged users ?
Existing assistive products tend to be intrusive and thus leaving a strong social stigma for the users. Oneware aims to break through this by designing to suit the users and context, taking into consideration of functionality and aesthetic.
This project also aims to achieve a low learning curve of the product, and not affecting the way of usage while they perform the task. Inspired by user behavior, Oneware is a set of sink necessities that focus more on the workflow and micro-movement to assist in their kitchen activities. 
Going through the process of ethnography research that includes interview and observation of real users, concept generation and prototyping, several iterations of testing and evaluation, and lastly optimizing the design for manufacturing.
Introducing Oneware
Oneware is a sink necessity that is designed specifically for those who only have one functioning arm. These people are often faced with issues interacting with daily objects especially dealing with household chores. Oneware is a series of modular units that aids them in various kitchen processes from food preparation to dish washing. 
A lack of support to hold things down is one of the most common issues faced by them. This unit consists of a chopping board designed with structures that enable help them to hold the food in place while preparing for their meals.
Washing of dishes for them was never easy. Plates and bowls tend to wobble around due to the contours at the back which led to much frustration when performing the task and inability to wash thoroughly. This unit is designed with a silicone grip to hold the dishes in place as they exert their strength on scrubbing the dishes clean without worrying.
Video : Evaluations and How it work 
Exhibitions : NUS DID 2016 Industrial Design Graduation Show
Photo Credit : NUS DID 2016 and Huiqing
Publications : Straits Time, Indesign Singapore, NUS News
Special Thanks to those who have assisted along the way

Collaborators:  Disabled People's Association (Singapore) and SGenable
Ms Jorain Ng, Mr Muhammad Afiq, Mr Michael Tay and Tommye-K. Mayer

Thesis Supervisor: Song Kee Hong
All NUS DID Lecturers and Class of 2016
Let's work towards an inclusive society !
oneware: objects for one handed usage

oneware: objects for one handed usage

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