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MTV 16 & pregnant

We were commissioned by MTV to create the identity of the 16 and pregnant TV show.
16 and pregnant is an MTV reality series that follows the story ofpregnant girls in high school, and has started in the USA in June, 2009.
We were asked to make a new id, print and video for the rest of theWorld TV show launch campaign. However, we had to do this regardlessbase of the current identity from the USA TV show.
We create a fresh identity that identifies with the youth MTV target, abrand illustration and brand gradients.
The primary challenge for us was working with a huge MTV Project thatwould be develop around the world, so we produced a comprehensive setof guidelines and brought the brand to life on a large series ofgraphics.
We also participated in the photography campaign and the TV commercials.
We develop the graphics for the TV commercials and get in charge of the motions for it.
Created in collaboration with MTV World Design Studio Buenos Aires.

VP Creative: Sean Saylor
Creative Director: Juan Frontini
Art Director: Nacho Gil
Copywriter: Nico Sommer
Manager WDS: Jose Marfil
Producer: Delfi Chiesa
Photography: Nacho Ricci
Video: Primo Bs. As.
Commercial Directors: Nico, Martin y Luis Mermet.
MTV 16 & pregnant