The Failed Surprise | Wonder Character Exhibition
The Failed Surprise
Low Pose - Wonder Character Malaysia exhibition
Wonder Character Asia is a showcase of character designs...with over 30 famous Asian designers / artists from Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan.
My knight rider travels all the way to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to attend the Wonder Character Asia exhibition, joining many other Characters, by many other famous Asian Character designers...
1. Sean Lee (Malaysia)
2. Shin Tanaka (Japan)
3. mr.Papriko @ PAPRIKO Ink (Japan)
4. Akinori Oishi (Japan)
5. JayLim (Malaysia)
6. Ano (Taiwan)
7. BOUNCE (Taiwan)
8. Eric Chen (Taiwan)
9. Captain Butter (Taiwan)
10. Filter017 (Taiwan)
11. Jian (Taiwan)
12. Jubi (Taiwan)
13. Justina Zun-Zun Chang (Taiwan)
14. Larry Pan (Taiwan)
15. Ray (Taiwan)
16. Graphicairlines (Hong Kong)
17. Angela Rosso (Taiwan)
18. Nicko Huang (Taiwan)
19. Naoko Shimojo (Japan)
20. Mark Chang (Taiwan)
21. Chapman Tse @ Yellow Atelier (Hong Kong)
22. Agee (Taiwan)
23. Tei@OKOSAMA-STAR (Japan)
24. Alan Leong @ Creamous (Singapore)
25. Jukai (Taiwan)
26. Lim Chun Woei (Malaysia)
27. Jefferson Ng (Malaysia)
28. Stephen Chan (Hong Kong / UK)
29. Madow Tsai (Taiwan)
30. Eeshaun Soh (Singapore)
The Failed Surprise | Wonder Character Exhibition

The Failed Surprise | Wonder Character Exhibition

I was invited to contribute a Character and to design a 'creative pillar' for the Character Walk. I wanted to make full use of the shape of the p Read More