Recently I have been in Mathura & Vrindavan for few hours for celebrating holi. The place attracts floods of pilgrims particularly during Holi & janamastmi. Holi is known as ‘'Festival of Colors'’. Mathura– the birthplace of Lord Krishna, where Holi is celebrated in the most wild, yet colorful,with sticks, shields, colors, flowers & canons of water. Holi celebration here is a must-have experience. Many of us have experienced this kind of festival. While playing with locals I felt that eyes of each person was narrating a different story so I kept my focus on capturing expressions and mood. It was joyful & wonderful experience.

Hope you enjoy watching it!!

Cinematography & Edit : Manoj Rai
Color Correction & thumbnail design : Ravi Prakash
Music: The Dreamers by Adam Taylor 
Shot on Sony A7 Sii @100fps
Edit on adobe premiere pro
Special Thanks : Sachin sharma