Initial SEO Tips for Startups & New Website Owners
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    Infographic on SEO tips for startups & new website owners. Created by eTraffic Web Marketing agency.
Whether you’re a budding startup or launching a new website hold off with ongoing SEO!
Ongoing SEO is the continuous cycle of actively driving traffic to your site through a variety of SEO elements.
While most startups want to immediately get into Ongoing SEO, they’ll find soon enough that it has a lengthy learning curve and that it’s probably best to seek other marketing channels before getting into SEO such as PPC which is the perfect catalyst. What you need and want right now is traffic and lots of it.
Although your site will need setup SEO, a minimal process to ensure your site is search engine friendly, there are various marketing channel options which will effectively bring you traffic before getting into ongoing SEO as shown in this Infographic by eTraffic Web marketing.
In this initial stage it’s about marketing channels that offer quick results and aren’t permanent.
Find out which marketing channel will serve as your SEO lab. 
Enjoy this infographic created by eTraffic on SEO for startups and new websites.