2/13 - Miami Love Burn (Miami, FL)
5/9 - Illusions Night Club (Wolcott, CT)
5/24 - The Rye Tavern (May 24 / Plymouth, MA)
5/30 - The Buelle Theater - Murmuration (Denver, CO)
6/4 - Club 753 (Denver, CO)
6/12 - NEO Gathering (Brunswick, OH)
6/19 - TSG Gathering (Denver, CO)
7/15 - The Eclectic Cafe (Cape Cod, MA)
7/16 - Penuche's (Manchester, NH w/ Chromatropic)
7/17 - Spectral Fest (Croydon, NH)
7/19 - Loopkicks Tricking Gathering (San Jose, CA)
8/9 - Pig Jam Music Festival (Middletown, CT)
8/15 - Penuche's (Manchester, NH)
9/1 - Great North Music Festival (Norridgewock, ME)
9/17 - Earthdance Music Festival (Maddox Ranch, FL)
10/7 - Wonderbar (Boston, MA)
10/9 - Euphoria Tricking Gathering (Rockville, MD)
10/15 - The Waterfront (Holyoke, MA)
10/29 - Aquarius (Springfield, MA)
10/31 - The Union (Springfield College, MA)
11/5 - Paddy's (Springfield, MA)
11/6 - Snow's (Ware, MA)

1/1 - Hyannis Resort and Conference Center (Cape Cod, MA)
1/8 - Trickstrong Gathering (Lake Ronkonkoma, NY)
2/1 - Miami Love Burn (Virginia Beach Dr, FL)
3/15 - Warlock House (Wesley Chapel, FL)
3/19 - Ultra Music Festival (Miami, FL) w/ AFROBETA
3/21 - Klangbox.fm Radio (Miami, FL)
3/26 - The Electric Haze (Worcester, MA)
4/2 - The Middle East Downstairs (Boston, MA) 
4/8 - Paddy's (Springfield, MA)
4/28 - Penuche's (Manchester, NH)
5/13 - Western Massive Festival (Holyoke, MA)
5/14 - The Brickhouse (Housatonic, MA)
6/10 - Battle of Fury (East Windsor, CT)
6/18 - Wright's (Wolcott, CT)
6/21 - Lighthouse Inn (Cape Cod, MA)
6/23 - Wellfleet Festival (Wellfleet, Cape Cod MA)
6/24 - Cosmic Alignment (Saugerties, NY)
7/17 - Lasso's (New York, NY)
7/18 - Loopkicks Gathering (San Jose, CA)
8/12 - SJ Live (San Jose, CA)
8/19 - Backbar Sofa (San Jose, CA)
8/26 - Imagine Music Festival (Atlanta, GA)
9/14 - LiveArt Labs (Tampa, FL)
9/16 - Earthdance Music Festival (Maddox Ranch, FL)
9/27 - The Local 662 (St. Pete, FL)
10/5 - Kelly's Live (Sarasota, FL)
10/23 - Pegasus Lounge (Tampa, Florida)
10/30 - Suwannee Hulaween @ Incendia Stage opening for THRIFTWORKS (Live Oak, FL)
11/5 - Woodstock Lounge w/ ANCIENT ALIEN (Orlando, FL)
12/16 - Hooked Gathering (Amsterdam, ND)
12/22 - Chaussée de Wavre (Brussels, Belgium)
12/26 - LXG Gathering (Birmingham, England)

1/2 - Metro Carrefour Pleyel (Paris, France)
1/13 - Club H30 (Keflavik, Iceland)
3/2 - Okeechobee Festival (Okeechobee, FL)
3/4 - Boulder House w/ NIRAYA (Boulder, CO)
3/11 - Space Jam w/ JAYCEEOH (Detroit, MI)
3/15 - Crossroads w/ PATCHES O'MALLEY (Ypsilanti, MI)
3/18 - Shamrocker's Funkball w/ YHETI (Bartow, FL)
3/19 - Kelly's Live (Sarasota, FL)
3/24 - Ultra Music Festival (Miami, FL)
4/19 - The Boulder House w/ DIRTMONKEY & JANTSEN (Boulder, CO)
6/3 - The Arts Exchange w/ LEVITATION JONES, kLL sMTh, LUDGE, OTTO VON SCHIRACH (Atlanta, GA)
6/29 - Woodstock Lounge w/ EAZYBAKED (Orlando, FL)
6/30 - Moonshine Music Festival (Atlanta, GA)
7/17 - Loopkicks Gathering (San Jose, CA)
7/22 - Farm Fest (Hammonton, NJ)
8/5 - Crowbar w/ DAVE NADA (Tampa, FL)
8/18 - Down to Earth Fest (Ferndale, NY)
8/25 - Output w/ ESSEKS, TOADFACE, PLUTE ERA (Brooklyn, NY)
9/7 - Laniakea Transformational Arts Festival (College Corner, OH)
10/6 - Pass the Good Festival (Cantonment, FL)
10/29 - The Boulder House w/ TRUTH & THE WIDDLER (Boulder, CO)
11/3 - Zydeco w/ MOGLEE, ANDY BRUH, SALTY (Birmingham, AL)
11/17 - Zen Awakening Festival (Orlando, FL)
11/21 - The Gateway w/ NARKATTA, RHAKSHA, DICEMAN (Brooklyn, NY)
12/15 - Hooked Gathering (Amsterdam, Nederlands)
12/22 - Your Mom's House w/ LEVITATION JONES, OLLIE MUMBLES (Denver, CO)

2/9 - Crowbar w/ IKUMA, BOMMER, CROWELL (Tampa, FL)
3/10 - The Paper Box w/ NASTYNASTY, DMVU, FREQUENT, ILL-ESHA (Brooklyn, NY)
3/24 - Churchills Pub w/ HATCHA, DORFEX BOS, LUCII. BEARDTHUG (Miami, FL)
4/6 - Elektricity Nightclub w/ PERKULAT0R, PATCHES O MALLEY, NEWSENSEI (Pontiac, MI)
4/8 - 123 Pleasant St. w/ OF THE TREES (Morgantown, WV)
4/20 - Emperors (Tampa, FL)
7/13 - Diamonds Pub w/ ESSEKS, TOADFACE, DIRTMONKEY (Louisville, KY)
7/27 - Sound Haven: Full Moon Gathering w/ THRIFTWORKS, THE WIDDLER, PROPHET, SLEEPER (Nashville, TN)
8/3 - Kind Mind Campout (Norridgewock, ME)
8/11 - Wild Woods Music Festival (Croydon, NH)
8/17 - Crowbar w/ EAZYBAKED (Tampa, FL)
8/24 - Morflo Music Festival (Lake Orion, MI)
9/1 - Arch Street Tavern w/ LEVITATION JONES (Hartford, CT)
9/4 - The Black Box (Denver, CO)
9/21 - Baltimore, MD
10/19 - Des Moine, Iowa
10/23 - DubDay (Brooklyn, NY)
11/1 - (West Chester, PA)
11/9 - (Bloomington, IN)
11/16 - (Ypsilanti, MI)
11/17 - (Mount Pleasant, MI)
11/23 - (Manchester, NH)
11/29 - (Asheville, NC)
11/30 - (Rochester, NY)
12/1 - (Brooklyn, NY)
12/8 - Aisle 5 (Atlanta, GA) SOLD OUT
12/31 - (Detroit, MI)

1/4 - (Kansas City, MO) SOLD OUT
1/5 - (Richmond, VA) SOLD OUT
1/6 - (Virginia Beach, VA)
1/17 - (St. Louis, MO)
1/19 - (Chicago, IL)
1/26 - (Tampa, FL)
2/1 - (Milwaukee, WI)
2/10 - Ruku presents "A Dreamy Showcase" (Orlando, FL)
2/12 - The Black Box (Denver, CO)
2/13 - The Wonder Bar (Boston, MA)
2/15 - (Cincinatti, OH)
2/23 - (West Chester, PA)
3/8 - Analog (Nashville, TN)
3/15 - (West Palm Beach, FL)
3/28 - (Des Moines, IA)
3/29 - (Chicago, IL)
3/30 - (Charlotte, NC)
4/5 - (Baton Rouge, LA)
4/6 - (Austin, TX)
4/11 - (Athens, GA)
4/12 - (Charlotte, NC)
5/16 - w/ YHETI and EAZYBAKED (Orlando, FL) SOLD OUT
5/17 - Crowbar w/ YHETI and EAZYBAKED (Tampa, FL) 
6/1 - The Untz Festival (Mariposa, CA)
7/5 - Elektricity Nightclub (Pontiac, MA)
7/6 - Yonderville Festival (Marvins Mountaintop, WV)
7/27 - Mishawaka Amphitheater w/ DIRT MONKEY, TSIMBA, KYRAL x BANKO (Bellevue, CO) SOLD OUT
8/9 - Asheville Music Hall (Asheville, NC) w/ MYSTIC GRIZZLY, XENOTYPE
8/10 - Sound Haven Festival (Jaceland, TN)
8/17 - 515 Alive Festival (Des Moines, IA)
9/3 - Commonwealth (Las Vegas, NV) ***
9/13 - OKC Farmers Market (Oklahoma City, OK) ***
9/14 - High Caliber Festival (Battleship, NJ)
9/18 - Baja's Beach Club (Tallahassee, FL) ***
9/19 - Music Farm (Charleston, SC) ***
9/20 - The Broadberry (Richmond, VA) ***
9/21 - SERJ (Charlotte, NC) ***
9/28 - The Milk Parlor (Blacksburg, VA)
10/3 - Wakaan Festival (Ozark, AR)
10/19 - Liberty Hall (Lawrence, KS) ***
10/31 - Bossanova Ballroom (Portland, OR)
11/8 - Ayva Center (Houston, TX) ***
11/9 - Lizard Lounge (Dallas, TX) ***
11/28 - The Black Box (Denver, CO)
12/31 - 20/20 NYE (Pittsburgh, PA)
( *** = Dirt Monkey "Primatology" World Tour)

1/9 - Philadelphia, PA
2/27 - San Francisco, CA
2/28 - Houston, TX
2/29 - Dallas, TX
3/5 - Okeechobee Fest, FL
3/7 - New Orleans, LA
3/11 - Salt Lake City, UT
3/12 - Denver, CO
7/16 - Drive-in (w/ DIRT MONKEY, DMVU, So Down) Denver, CO
12/12 - Drive-in (w/ Subtronics, Chee, Abelation) San Bernardino, CA
12/13 - Drive-in (w/ Subtronics, Chee, Abelation) San Bernardino, CA

4/23 - Tampa, FL
4/24 - Orlando, FL
5/7 - Richmond, WI
6/19 - Scranton, PA


Photo by c.2.h.2
Photo by c.2.h.2
Photo by views_from_the_chach
Photo by c.2.h.2 // Hitting the gainer on the bass drop during the collab of G-Space x Dirt Monkey x tsimba
Photo by c.2.h.2 // Sold out the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC with Dirt Monkey, Eliminate, sfam, and Ternion Sound
Playing for a sold-out Boulder House crowd right before Truth & The Widdler
Gainer at Basscenter X
Shout out to the Chronic Electronic for this interview!
Ultra Music Festival 2016
Hitting the keytar backflip! (Playing with Afrobeta)
Special thanks to Imagine Festival for making this for me! I had a blast performing.
Always fun to do flips during a bass drop with Space Jesus 
                                              Imagine Fest 2016, Atlanta GA
                                     Was an honor sharing the stage with so many legendary acts
My first EuroTrip was unreal, got to spend time in all the cities listed. I even had a surprise visit to Iceland and DJd at Club H30.
RunTheTrap reposted a G-Space track: "TOWERS - Gotta Let It Go (G-Space Remix)"
Boston, MA
The Middle East Downstairs (Playing keytar with Mr. Sampson while opening for FKJ)
Earthdance Florida poll voted G-Space as #1
Playing the famous Warlock House in Tampa, FL

"With each year that passes, more and more talented and aspiring producers, musicians, and DJ’s rise to fame for creating epic music. All with different styles, genres and special features that make them unique and stand out compared to the rest. Some are skilled in using multiple instruments, some produce such original beats they are on a constant rise in popularity, some offer a distinct visual experience, and this largest up and coming artist in 2017 has all those traits and more! Grady Bergin, G-Space, from Cape Cod, Massachusetts is a 22 year old instrumentalist that produces fresh beats, fat bass music, and all original sets. He plays a wide range of instruments from piano, guitar, drums, ukulele, bass, and what ever else he can get his hands on. Starting off with keyboards as an infant, he taught himself how to improvise throughout the years. Eventually combining his talents with more instruments and having a unique style for electronic music production with one of a kind samples and harmony’s, G-Space has created his own distinct sound that grazes multiple genres, such as; world, funk, jazz, trap, glitch, and bass. With a wide range of music that he pulls from, he tends to play a set that is consisted mainly of his originals and the rest is filled with close friends’ music and other artists that he looks up to. Having inspirations from Jimmy Hendrix, Eprom, Mr. Carmack, The Grateful Dead, Shlump, Smith., Bleep Bloop, Boogie T, Pretty Lights and many more, G-Space has nested his way into quickly becoming one of the most interesting acts in the scene.

Not only does he play on multiple instruments and create amazing electronic music to match it. He has added a unique visual aspect to his performance. It’s called ‘Tricking’ which by definition, is a style “of extreme sport where the “athletes” do cool, fast, beautiful flips and kicks without any wires or trampolines,” (Definied from Urban Dictionary.) While playing the keytar on stage he is able to do a backflip and other insanely physically demanding and talented tricking skills. Having this special type of performance has been getting him recognized by many, as he has played Imagine Festival, Ultra Festival, and has just recently finished his ‘Euro-Trip Tour’ which spanned across several Countries in Europe. The Tour was sponsored by Xswipe Tricking, which is based out of France, and they picked a handful of US Trickers to come to Europe and perform. G-Space is actually in the works for putting together a record label that is consisted of tricking producers named ‘Iceberg Productions’. Which he will follow up with an EP that is a compilation of all the trickers on the label.

With having already traveled to so many parts of the world to do his unique G-Space performances and having his YouTube videos seen across the world, he is on route to being one of the largest up and coming artists this year and a MUST SEE performance! Check out our exclusive interview with Grady going over his life with instruments, musical influence, collaborations, insight on production, crazy tricking stories, and more below!"

~Snipped from The Chronic Electronic magazine.... (full interview here: http://www.thechronicelectronic.com/2017/01/exclusive-interview-with-the-largest-up-and-coming-producer-in-2017-g-space/) 

I hope this finds you grateful, healthy, and inspired!

My name is Grady Bergin, (G-Space), I have been using keyboards to improvise and make beats since I was a young child. I have been bringing people of all cultures together through the universal language of music and art. I record real instruments like the saxophone, guitar, electric ukulele, harmonica, mouth harp, piano, clarinet, etc. and layer them over original electronic beats made with my keyboards...  I hope my music can inspire you! Here is my first 33 track album on iTunes:

Thank you for taking your time to read this. When I perform live I use real instruments, and do acrobatics across the stage. I am a tricker, so it is a passion of mine to flip and twist to the music. My new album, "Awake Aware Alert", is a cosmic journey through the sounds of my family, friends, and myself as we come together through new-age noodling! All of these songs have been built from scratch over the past eight years using real instruments. I am studying cymatics and recorded most of these tracks to the healing vibration of 432hz. I would love to inspire everybody at your venues with a live set using real instruments and acrobatic flips! 

I also just started a record label, Iceberg Productions. Feel free to ask me anything.


For Bookings: brian@warpathgroup.com / alex@warpathgroup.com




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