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    Understand the notion of jealousy in our society.
Addressing Jealousy... inconspicuously...
STBY workshop
While in Paris, I was very lucky to attend a workshop presenting the benefits of using video documenting as a tool to gather insights for further research.

Once divided into groups we chose our own subject to explore using the methodology we had just been introduced to. Our group was going to settle for something simple until an extra team member was added to the group, she raised the bar and said "I want to choose something more challenging, yesterday, I saw a documentary on the way all sorts of couples felt about sex, I want to address a similar topic." We decided to choose a lower (but perhaps deeper) societal taboo, one we do not necessarily speak of openly: jealousy.

The results, the experience, the encounters were beautiful and inspiring.

Thank you Bas, Liz, Barbara, Sanam, Darren!