NEST Image Campaign Film 2012
Germanys best all male model agency shows up the new boys in this film by Björn Jonas
The Campaign just hit the blogs and it has been really huge allready with fashionisto picking it up from start,,

The Fashionisto

I was really lucky to get involved with this project. I got contacted by creative directors Alexx & Anton to whom I had been recommended by my friend Jochen Pahs who did the Grooming on this project.
The whole idéa was to create a campaign promoting the new faces signed to Germanys best all male model agency NEST and since Managing Director of NEST Melanie Constein and Director Maik Kuntze had a working relationship with alexx and anton they turned to them to create a campaign to promote this event.
Alexx and Anton sought to do something that would stand out in todays media-climate and the idéa was formed to go back to basics and shoot the campaign on old 4,5*6" polaroids.
But to really make a complete impression on the fashionscene they also wanted to complete the look with moving media and so after a referral by Jochen Pahs I got contacted and we started to iron out idéas.

Since The theme of the shoot was so clear cut it was easy for me to realize in my head what i wanted to do and just days before our initial meeting i had saved a bunch of old mug-shots from a story i read in the web edition of The Guardian. I Showed up on the meeting thinking I would blow everyone away with these references that obviously was perfect for this job, and as soon as i showed the images to Alexx and Anton they handed me the exact same printouts from their own research..

Needless to say we where all on the same page from square one and it made for a very successful and smooth working-enviroment.
The logo was later reworked by Alexx and Anton since the products we produced made it look more like a launch of a new brand rather than a re-launch of a model agencys website and their new faces..
My take on the NEST logo put into a scene from the opening of the movie. (I used the amended logo in the end-credits but since the animation interfered with the visibility of the text using the new logo i went for a cleaner approach using the old logo for the start of the film).
Screenshot of the thumbnail from vimeo just before release, itch fingers waiting to make it public..
Music is to me one of the most important parts in creating something that the mind will accept, especially working with a concept like this where you want your viewers to feel and breathe the atmosphere of the 1930's even though your eyes partly tells you that this is something modern and contemporary.. Bei Mir Bist Du Schön finaly made the cut for me as the perfect music since it has a german influence and influence from the era but still being knows enough for people to relate to. (Image from wikipedia)
The Andrew Sisters in a tv-performance from 1942 the Jiddish made the german connection while still being a well recogniced hit from the era.. (image from wikipedia)
From the grading-suite. Actually I used less adjustment-layers than I normally do even though its a very "effecty" video, due to the grading company having Magic Bullet Suite and something called Boris Effects that I just keyframed in and out.. That Together with my normal adjustments and some frame-by-frame masking/animating made for a belivable effect although material was shot with the Canon 5d MkII
And here it is the final product, after countless versions due to self-censure more than anything else I came up with a version we where all happy with.. ENJOY!