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    This is a temporary portfolio.
Abstract self-portrait made out of triangles. (2015)
I was asked to make a Logo and brand for the Computer Science House 40th Anniversary event. I'm currently in the proccess of painting this design into a mural in the RIT residential tunnels. (2016)
This is a costom font I made for a hackathon that CSH holds every year. (2016)
This was a project from high school where I was challenged to make a font using only a few simple shapes.(2013)
With this project we had to pick an artist and copy their style. I chose Josef Muller-Brockmann. (2015)
This is a poster made for a class project. (2015)
My submission for the Imagine RIT 2015 poster contest. (2015)
Designed Logo for the theater ticketing website QuickTix. (2015)
Designed a Logo for North Peak Event Design. (2015)
My submiission for a T-shirt design competition for New Media Club. Could only use 2 colors and a background color. (2016)
Digital painting of an apple. (2015)
This is a digital painting that had to incorporate the color wheel. (2015)
Character sheet for my comic, The Adventures of Hector and Simon. (2014)
Longboard design and painting. (2014)
3D rendering of a Penny Skateboard. (2015)
This project had to demonstrate bouncing balls, done in Abode After Effects CC.