Downtown Rio
Images of the Center of Rio de Janeiro
During lunchtime, walking to work or going back home: the opportunities are all around. With the iPhone 4 in my pocket and with the help of some photo editing apps, there's no time to lose! Different techniques have been used.
Carioca Street, with skyscrapers on the background.
Carioca Square, with skyscrapers on the background.
Busy people in Rio Branco Avenue.
Colombo House at Gonçalves Dias Street.
Buildings and a dramatic sky.
An artificial Sun.
Underground passage in the Monastery of Saint Antony.
Monastery of Saint Antony.
Historic center.
The old and the new.
Stairway of an old cinema on Carioca Street.
Church of San Francisco.
Church of Saint Luzia.
Aerial view of the historic center.
Skyscraper in Rio Branco Avenue.
Rio Branco Avenue.
Historic center.
Uruguaiana Street.
Beira Mar Avenue.
Buildings on Rio Branco Avenue.