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    The beautiful, fantastic and dramatic festival of Las Fallas in Valencia, Spain
Spanish Fantasyland
Art and Fire in the Las Fallas festival of Valencia
Walking around the city of Valencia in March is like being in some kind of storybook land, with the giant artpieces set up all about town, storeys high, towering over the people going about their daily lives below. There are hundreds of t hem, all designed and created with the utmost of care and detail, providing the centrepiece for the Las Fallas festival. Along with the sculptures, there are also hordes of people dressed in traditional garb, floral offerings to a giant Virgin Mary, as well as constant fireworks and explosions. The culmination of the festival finds all these glorious sculptures proving that beauty is fleeting, and that wonder exists due to its brevity, as they are all torched and burned to the ground, simultaneously all over town, in the final Night of Fire.
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