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    UI for Homely Food Delivery app, an online food delivery startup.
Food Delivery Identity & App
Every year people migrate to  the metros in search for better career and growth opportunities. Food is one major changes that such people find hard to cope with. Eating at restaurants and ordering take-out maybe ok for the first couple of days but the mind and body start disagreeing to the food in some time. Seeing an opportunity to add value in taste, quality and cost, my clients came together to run a platform, I named Homely.

Homely is a platform that puts together cooks-- the moms, the home-makers and the budding chefs and the customers-- typically office-goers staying away from home in a way they can benefit from each other. All the cooks have to do is make a few extra portions, upload yummy pictures of their creations and put it up on the Homely app where customers can order from.

Some keywords to be kept in mind while designing in the brand identity were: Warm, Friendly, Food-related, Love, Care, Easy, Local