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    Identity and promotion for an art exhibition.
Identity and Invite Design for an Art Exhibition:
Goa has inspired many people in the past and two such inspired souls- Neville D'Souza and Amit Kumar Das wanted to show their gratitude towards Goa. 
Everyone has a different perspective about Goa and most of them are of inspiration, beauty and discovery. The invite holds a frame and lets one look at any part of Goa as a painting - beautiful, unique and inspiring, everything that art needs to be.
Screen printed invites for the exhibition.
The invite includes a frame that doubles as a poster. They were distributed locally and  were put up in cafes, libraries and public spaces.
Looking at Goa
The Artists, in checks - Amit Kumar Das and striped tie - Neville D'Souza taking the Mayor of the city around their art <Left>
Visitors enjoying the exhibits <Right>