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    We helped Zinkerz a group-based learning app with their naming, strategy and overall look. 2014
Zinkerz - a new way to think. (2014)
Zinkerz is a start-up launching an interactive web platform that integrates traditional study materials with peer-to-peer, game-based and data-driven learning. We helped them with the naming, strategy and overall design. To the slanted, dynamic logo we added a raccoon: one of the world’s most commonly misunderstood animals. Raccoons are intelligent, develop social structures and are capable of using complex tools. Just like the target audience of Zinkerz: smart students that rely on group-based alternative learning methods to get the best out of their education because the traditional system is just not doing it for them. The icon is built on the basic structure of the wifi-symbol as a reminder of the connectivity aspect of the app.
The resulting visual identity is a mix of  bold black and white graphics with a dash of color that encapsulates the Zinkerz spirit: different and daring, while approachable, accessible and authentic.