Dominic Serendip - "LiveLucid" Cover
I designed something.
As soon as I posted the covers for Joseph Anid’s Eyes Closed projec, I got commission to design another cover for a different artist whose goes by the name Dominic Serendip. The name of the EP projec is LiveLucid.

Description of the tape from the artist: “A term discovered by me, Dominic Serendip, is more than just a saying.
Its a lifestyle.
To have a lucid dream, is to know that you are dreaming and to have control on said Dream.
Why not bring that understanding and mentality to the real world? What is this line between dreams and reality? Why not have absolute control on your life? Set your own Highs!?
With that I decided to take this mentality and share it with the world. I bring to you LiveLucid.