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    Sketches for packaging project. Vitamins for children with diabetes.
Sketches for VitaPlus
Some sketches for packaging project
It's not the project itself, but only my own sketches for it.

VitaPlus is a vitamin and mineral complex for children affected by diabetes.
It's a student project on package design made at BHSAD (Moscow) Visual Communications course in 2011.

It's a group project: Anastasia Gileva, Dmitry Bubnov, Natalia Maslova, Roman Strakhov.
Course tutors: Leonid Slavin, Natalia Kuzmina.
Consultations: Vassily Andreyev, Sergey Lelikov, Denis Eliseyev.

Here are my own sketches for the project.
Photo for packaging template:
The initial name was “VitoPlus”:
But it was changed to “VitaPlus”