Time Life Re-Design | Man and Space

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  • Time Life redesign was all about taking a original Time Life book and redesigning two chapters and two photoessays within the chapters we thought would be most fitting to demonstrate our capabilities. Once I decided on “Man and Space”as my book I would be redesigning, I then developed and grid system in which my chapters would follow. Flexibility was the key, I needed to have a grid that was flexible enough to support all different sizes of infographs, photos, full spread images, body text and pull quotes. My chapters are set in a 14 column grid for a full spread, 7 columns for a single page. This gave me the flexibility to move my body text and change the widths to account for different infographics and sizes of photos. The style or the mood I decided to go with for the chapters was something of a retro deep space feel, but with a hint of a futuristic input. Most of the imagery I choose was from some of the first space flights from the 1960s through the 1970s,which was to keep the body text and quotes in tact with the images I decided to go with. The inverted images and the deep purples with bright highlights was influenced by the deep space photos of galaxies and solar systems I would come across while searching for images. Space is the absents of color, and is yet full of color at the same time.

  • ALL photography and editing of these photos goes to Leo Costa

  • Photo credit goes to: Leo Costa