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    How China Shapes the world is motivated by the need for western culture to better understand this rapidly developing global economic power. Throu… Read More
    How China Shapes the world is motivated by the need for western culture to better understand this rapidly developing global economic power. Through the use of tangible interactive information graphics. Read Less
How China Shapes the World
China is one of the fastest growing global economic powers, but those of us in the western world know little about this nation and culture that may well come to affect our daily lives in the near future. This is the problem I set out to solve by using graphic design as a medium to allow people to better understand Chinese culture. By contextualising
 This installation represents the population density of of four countries, China (red), USA (blue), UK (yellow), and Ireland (green), which are consistent throughout the visualisations. Here the intentions was to allow people to experience the contrast between living in a country like China of 3+billion people and Ireland less than 4 million. The visual is scaled 1:1000 however the audience can still experience that contrast in space, to emphasise this it was place in a high footfall area of the city.
Each installation is accompanied by a printed breakdown of the information graphic, requiring some level of interaction however this is kept as simple and direct as possible to achieve a quick and informed understanding of the data on display. There is also a number of related visualisations with each piece to further inform the audience.
This visualisatoin allows the audience to understand the state history of each nation, by pulling the tape out to different lengths they can experience how drastically different in length the histories of each nation are. The information graphic was placed outside a main cultural centre in Cork, the Cork Opera House.
This installation encourages individuals to experience how much they weigh in CO2 in the respective nations. 
This data represents the size of each economy, highlighting how close China is to America in terms of its economic development and how far ahead it is of Ireland. The placement of these installations on trees in a park was to highlight how. each of these economies are rooted in the other.
Projected on the outside of the Port of Cork Imports Management buildings this is an interactive live trade visualisatoin, where people could input whatever trading data they wanted to and the levels that each nation are importing is shown. The goal being to show how much China is now consuming to support this growth, and to highlight how it may be and attractive market of Irish businesses to exploit.
The visualisations would then be compiled into a special edition of the Sunday Business Post's Agenda magazine to highlight the potential of the Chinese imports market to Irish business people, while also educating them in some elements of Chinese culture.