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    The huntik 5D Darkride is the most exciting attraction in the Rainbow MagicLand Theme Park in Rome (Italy).
Facade of the Darkride.(38 mt x 12 mt high)
and work in progress of construction, with a first hand of color.
Final views of the facade.
Work in progress of the sculptures of the creatures.
the interiors: walls, doors and paintings.
the interiors.
the interiors: track 1: the hidden city.
renderings of the screen 2 (6mt x 3mt) an underground city and the titan Caliban.
Concept art and renderings for the environment of the Temple in the screen 2. (8mt x 5mt  full hd res.)
Concept art and modeling for the skeleton-monks and Redcap
screen 2: the Seekers temple. some shots of the final rendering of the game.
in this screen we fight the evil skeleton-monk and the titan Redcap evocated from the head monk.
screen 5: Megataur. we need free the Titan in chain, shooting the negative energy stones.
(8mt x 5mt full hd res)
screen 6: the monster insect Bazela Hive.
(8mt x 5mt full hd res)
Screen 9: Cerberus, in the final level of the game.
the final screen where we play the destruction of the core.
(8mt x 5mt full hd res)
this is an animatronic: a very huge dragon that move the head in front of people, and blows smoke and fire.
Short  sample of the interactive videos on the screens.
the movements of the backgrounds, are the compensation of the movement of the car approaching the screens.the videos are  stereoscopic, and visible with a special 3D glasses.