Helmet-B Bicycle Helmet for La MAÏF Design Competition
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    Category: helmet Client: Intramuros, La maif Completed: 2010 Design team: Patrice Mouille
For MAIF / INTRAMUROS Competition 2009, "Bicycle Helmet". Designed with Patrice Mouille
Awards: Nominated for INDEX Award Design to improve Life 2011 ; Outdoor Industry Award 2010.
The "tatou" (armadillo) is an animal recognizable with its plates forming a defensive shell when it rolls into ball. Here wasborn the concept of Helmet B... a foldable protective device for the head!The particularity of this headset consists mainly in its simplicity and ease ofuse. This bike helmet is very light and airy because it does not consist of a single block but in a multitude of small cushions that can bend and reduce thematerial used for its manufacture.

Our intention was to design an object obtainedby simple manufacturing processes for rapid assembly and low cost. The helmet body is obtained by cutting and piercing in a plate of polypropylene protection elements are added by molding of EPP (expanded polypropylene). This material has an absorption power very high, it is durable, flexible and extremely light weight. The structure "flat" in all stages greatly facilitates the transport and storage of helmets.  The use of Helmet B is very simple, just fold the wings inward and fix them with a pressure clip. The system that attaches theheadset uses standard elements in the fastener and strap. It is easilyadjustable by fitters directly integrated into the helmet to reduce the numberof parts. 

The current bicycle helmets are embarrassing, they do not facilitate their transport and they quickly become a cumbersome bagage for the cyclist.With Helmet B, once the person has finished with his bike, he may put the helmet flat and store it in his bag!  Similarly helmets do not anticipate their current recycling end-of life beyond our current consumption reached its limits! Helmet B is thought that each of its components are easily separable from the others. Furthermore the entire helmet is made from the same material: polypropylene. The material is cheap, unbreakable and resistant to fatigue and bending (hinges), and above 100% recyclable.
Industrial Design : Julien Bergignat, Patrice Mouillé