Introducing: ARK MEGAYACHT

The ARK project dates back to 2011, where it was a personal spare time love project. At the time I was very much intrigued by how different Wally Yachts looked compared to all else. The robust and monolithic appearance appealed to me in an almost magical way.
Then I had to find out for myself: how would I design a Wally-styled Yacht?

It turned out quite berserk.

DISCLAIMER: It looks like a Wally, read the above and get over it. This is not affiliated with Wally Yachts and never was.
It was a personal project from student era.
Stunning from every angle.
Aggressive styling and intricate details create a very distinct and recognisable design. The hull rises high above waterlevel, housing the majority of living areas. The angular upper structure or green house mainly functions as a skylight for the patios on the main deck. At the top of the greenhouse, the command post is located in true fighter jet style. The central position providing optimal surround vision.
Stellar. Bow to stern.
ARK MEGAYACHT is a floating palace. The yacht accomodates up to ten guest with luxury cabins. Owning the yacht comes with an exorbitantly luxurious suite at the stern with a view to kill for.
The main deck is a relaxation haven: a 4 by 5 meter pool with built-in jacuzzi awaits for ultimate chilling. Folding benches and a retractable table magaically appear for cosy dinner parties.