Brewing Tears into Tea

“Brewing Tears into Tea” consists of three volumes. This book of poetry was made with an idea of rediscovering the beauty of used materials and found objects.

I have been fascinated by the unexpected form and shape of used materials such as packaging, crumpled printed papers, brochures. I find myself collecting bunches of these things since I came to New York. Finding the beauty in trash paper products and writing the poetry itself felt like brewing tears into tea.
With this book I’d like to share the experience, the tension and relevance between tears (the precious tangible extract of human emotion), and tea (the simple things we consume every day). These every day things may be expendable, they may even be recycible, and I happen to see them as inspiration for poetry—to be shared and enjoyed.

Volume 1: “Test Printed With Lemon” is printed on used printed papers—test prints that were thrown away on the street and at our graduate studio.
Volume 2: “Doggie bag infusion” is printed on used packaging papers, shopping bags, pizza cartons, etc.
Volume 3: “Sugar Rush Herbal” is a wordless poetry book containing scanned images of three dimensional trash/used packaging products.