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48 Hour Repack competition, a competiton where you only had 48 hours to redesign a product with a team. Our team, made up of Grace Heitmann, Janae Hall, Jack Hoard, Michael McCulley, and Claire Zimmerman, decided to redesign the classic juicebox.
When creating a new design, we kept in mind the problems of current juice boxes: how easy it is to lose the straw, how hard it is for children to insert the straw, and the environmental effects of the juice box. This new design, which uses minimal force against a flat surface to poke the straw upwards through a foil lining, no longer requires the user to fumble with a small straw and puncture point. 
We decided to name our new juice box, Zumo. The name Zumo comes from the Spanish word meaning to juice or squash, an appropriate reference to the pressing motion used to open the packaging. This name is also fun for kids as it is easy to remember and rolls off the tongue. Kids will love this product for its bright and fun packaging as well as for the enjoyment that comes from pressing it against the table to reveal the straw. 
Award: National Student Show