Pop-Up Noise: The Great Singapore Replay 
Yesterday’s greatest hits making history today

10 collaborations comprising emerging and established artists.
10 Singapore Classic Hits voted by the public.
10 weeks in the making, all for the live concert.

The Great Singapore Replay brings back Singapore’s greatest hits of yesteryears, reimagined by emerging artists who are shaping Singapore’s music scene today. At its core, The Great Singapore Replay is about discovery and collaboration – discovery of Singapore’s rich musical heritage and its young talents of today; and the power of collaboration and mentorship as the artists attempt to remake a classic song through their own lens.

Follow the highs and lows of the artists’ journey and watch the culmination of their partnership live on-stage on 9 September 2017. Come stand at the crossroads between past and present, as these artists leave their own mark on Singapore’s history.


Fellow Singaporeans have voted for the top Singapore Classic Hits. How will they reimagine the 10 classic songs? 

Catch the artist's journey and their collaborations in 7 episodes weekly! 🎤🎶🇸🇬🙌🏻

Episodes underway!

Offline Jukebox activation
15,000+ votes casted by fellow Singaporeans within 3 weeks
Client: Temasek & National Arts Council Singapore
Agency: Zeno Group SIngapore

Executive Creative Director: Melanie Clancy
Art Director: Wilson Foong (Lead), Ze Jian
Copywriter: Dave Tai
Video Production: freeflow productions
Audio House: Song Zu