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    AW 12/13 women Graduate Collection
AW 12/13
Patrick Styrnol | photo & postproduction
Christiane Adomat | model
Arthur Auinger | Make Up
Irina Krajewski | hair
Esra Altintop | design & concept
Schaufensterfiguren Moch, Köln | Sponsoring
                   Gradute Show, February 2012 (Tanzhaus NRW/ Düsseldorf)

“Istanbul is like a handbag”, contradictionsand contrasts harmonize here since centuries and make the pulsating cityunique.

The only metropolis which is located ontwo continents is tradition and innovation, love and hate, East and West butespecially the day before yesterday and the day after tomorrow.

“"Nerelisin hemsehrim?" It is highly probable that this question is much more often asked than the name.
In Turkish culture, it is typical to demand from which city one originallycomes from, yet it is not atypical to be asked for the second time if one isprompted to say that he is from Istanbul and even if one is born in Istanbuland also when the family lives there for generations.

The question is who the real citizen of Istanbul probably is. Does he even still exist? Who is the real citizen ofIstanbul who lives in a city whose foundations are already have been placed inthe 7th Century BC? The collection seeks an answer to the highly controversialissue and for this we walk purposefully through the special quarters ofIstanbul.

Each outfit has been inspired of one quarter ofIstanbul and also reflects its character and people.