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My friend Joe was getting ready to leave on what may be one of the biggest milestones in his life, and he didn't have a website to keep people updated it. This huge milestone is thru-hiking all 2,184 miles of the Appalachian Trail!

There was no way I was gonna let that happen, so I treated him as if he was a client and gave him a brand. business cards and a website. See below for more details and you can visit his blog HERE
The goal was to give this logo a sporty design that looked similar to trail patches or boy scout badges. I gave it an earthy color palette and turned the approach trail sign into a background for Joseph's name. The primary logo is used everywhere while the secondary logo can be used as a signature or footer logo. It is embedded into the background of the website twice as well.
These are the support links that bring site visitors to donation pages that can support Joe while he is on his thru-hike.

To donate to ActiveWater and raise money for Worldwide Drought Awareness, click HERE
To donate directly to Joe's PayPal account to support him while hiking, click HERE
These are his business cards. They were printed at, where you can have different designs on each of your cards.
Here is the frontpage of Joe's blog. You can visit it HERE